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Short but powerfull we explain you the story of DJ Gene Pole. DJ Gene Pole is born on the 2nd of november 1971.

* 1992: He started as a rapper/dancer in the legendary pop-house formation Apotheosis (remember “O Fortuna”).
 1994: DJ Gene Pole first production “DOCTOR X – The Fly is still alive” was born.He signed with the legendary Bonzai records. This was good for several DJ- and liveshows and a hit in the official BRTN charts. Later on he released “Doctor X – Big beat” and “Ravewizards” a new project, also with bonzai.
* 1996: DJ Gene Pole started his first studio as Rave Mission bvba together with 2 other guys. This was good for several releases, compilations and charts. Some big shows came up.
* 1999: DJ Gene Pole was back with a new studio together with singer/songwriter Geeno.
*· 2000: He went on his first Spain Summer Tour and released several records such as “Bang Da Limit – The Sequel – BBC Traxx 01”.  He reached the charts and was on the line for several bookings as a DJ and liveshow.
* 2001: Back to Bonzai. A new release on sublabel “Full Access” with “Lunique – Ocean of Emotion”. Again a huge clubhit.
* 2002: He composed and produced together with Polle on the bass, Arian on the guitar and Vanessa on the mic “The Sunlight”.
* 2006: After a few Summer Tours in Spain (Ibiza and Mallorca) he came in contact with startstoprecords. Result;a release of “DJ Gene Pole – The Sunlight” on the Ibizalem label.On the end of this page we will give you some clubs and gigs wher DJ Gene Pole played or was resident DJ.
* 2007 till 2011: He was resident in several popular clubs in Belgium such as Creamm, Pallas, Bell’s, etc
* 2010-2011: He produced a first Flemish song under the name De Pitaboys – Waar is da Feestje?. This was the start of a whole new carreer. From now on he started as the face of this project and did the live shows and television shows. It resulted in 43 weeks in the official Belgian charts, with 12 weeks on number 1 position. He became a famous Flemisch artist. This took all his time, so DJ Gene Pole as DJ was putted on hold. He started his own company with a studio and videoclip productions. Till today he is still busy writing and producing songs in several genres for artists around in Belgium (also famous artists). He coöporate with well known Peter Bulkens (the major engineer for the mixings).
ith Pitaboys he did the biggest shows in the biggest places (Ethias, Sportpaleis, Groenplaats, etc).
* 2020: Corona hold the world in a grip, and the whole music scene is for more than one year in lockdown, this was the moment for him to restart his DJ activities (preparation, music selection, sets for promotion, etc). He made a first record in Flemish to promote is comeback, “DJ Gene Pole ft Iris L’Or & Yvan Verelli – DANS!” which become the number one in the most well known radio stations around Belgium. And we can tell there is much more to come, also for the international scene!


Fedde Le Grand, Delicious, Patrick La Funk, Bob Sinclar, Tall Paul, Gee Moore, Junior Jack, Chuckie, José, G-Spot, Tom De Neef, One Fat Billie, Pat Krimson, Marco Bailey, T-Love, Miss Ann, Sammir, Vince, Rebel, Mystique, Phil, Kimmoz, Dimaro, X-Toff, etc


*Belgium resident: 
VIP Club – BBC – The Reves – Hooters – The Stars (club) – The Lambo (club) – Lascaux- Fugabar – Taobar- Le Dome – Creamm – Pallas – MENvsWOMEN
* Belgium guest:  
The Maxx – Avanti – The Temple – Feestpaleis – and many more
* Belgium Big Parties:
Trip to Fantasy – House Beurs Aarschot – House Beurs Gent & Antwerp – MEN vs WOMEN – And many many more
* Ibiza resident:
Ibiza Vibes @ Lucifer harbor Ibiza
* Ibiza guest: 
Es Vive & Bass Bar – Ibiza centre (ic Hed Kandi)
* Mallorca resident: 
Rock Island – Feestpaleis – NL Feestcafe – Brassai – Cheeko’s – Alpha
* Mallorca Parties:
People from Mallorca (Sunlight Summer Tour)
* Others:
ome gigs in France and UK – gigs in greece – live shows in the USA (Limelight NY)


Many tracks for several popular Flemish artists
See portfolio puurfeestmuziek

DJ Gene Pole ft Iris L’Or & Yvan Verelli
Puur Feest Muziek
Number 1 position in several big radio charts

Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo

Diego Rey & Manu Blanco
“Fiesta all around”
“True Love”
Pink Flamingo

De Pitaboys
3 albums – more than 50 singles
Own label Puur Feest Muziek
Several Top 5 placed in national charts

De Pitaboys
“Waar is da Feestje?”
BIP records
43 weeks national chart
12 weeks number 1

Gene Pole
“The Girl with the Red Curls”
Purple Edge Records

G.A.P . (Gene Pole – Aslam – Phil)
Purple Edge Records

The P&P House Factory
“Right in the Night”
Purple Edge Records
Charted nr 2 in progressive house charts

Amigos Del Mundo DJ Cartel
“World 001”
Purple Edge Records
Charted nr 12 in minimal chart

“Dubai Nights” (Gene Pole’s FresaFresca rmx)
Peak Hour Music
Remix for with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Gene Pole ft. Steve D.
She’s like the wind
Amigos Del Mundo label
Most searched club song in 2008! – Played by Topradio-Crazy fm – Charted in Germany

Madfunk vs SoulDeMol
“No Good”
Faktory rec (Impart prod.)
Release together with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Gene Pole
“The Sunlight”
Ibizalem records
Charted in the USA & Canada

“Ocean of Emotion”
Full Access Records (Bonzaï devision)
Several CD compilations – Club hit

The provider
“The Secret Mission”
Dance Opera
Several CD compilations – Charted – Club hit

Quest ft DJ Gene Pole
Circus records
Several CD compilations – Charted – Club hit – live by 2fabiola

Bang Da Limit
No Name Records
Several Cd compilations – Dance Chart nr 5

De La Reina ft Miss Jessy Asanti
“Pump it!”

Tangle Records (BIG TIME)
“I just wanna ….
Tangle (BIG TIME)

Kamiel on Hashied
“Kees en Kamiel in de disco”
Bonzaï Jumps

DJ Pascal
“High Volume”
Bonzaï Jumps
Special composed for Pascal

DJ Gene Pole
“I want you now”
Green Horn Traxx
Special composed EP

DJ Gene Pole
“Fantasy EP”
Trance White

The Provider
“I Love You”

Many compilations

The Provider
“Secret Mission”
Circus (Antler/Subway)

“Say yeah”
Say Some More (Bonzaï)

Doctor X
“Big Beat”
Say Some More (bonzaï)

Doctor X
“The Fly is still alive”
Say Some More (Bonzaï)
BRTN charts !